Criticism? “Motivation To Progress” (A Momoland Story )

Have you ever experienced doing something once or having a go at something you still want to hold on to doing it since someone in the back says you can’t do it? They’re talking against you a lot of negativity that makes you lose your confidence?

Momoland, like you, is a victim of this world of judgment. Even before they began, Momoland was heavily criticized. But now, look at them? While still far from one of the greatest, they are still one of the best.

Anyway, (Daisy’s Voice) Do you know Momoland? Mo-Mo-Land. Doesn’t ring a bell?

Momoland was formed by a survival program titled “Finding Momoland”. The show aired in June 2016. The participants were Hyebin, Yeonwoo, Jane, Nayun, JooE, Ahin, Nancy, Daisy, Heejae and Shian Sia. They are the 10 trainees who competed for a chance to debut. 7 trainees became the 7 winners and eventually, became the 7 members for a new girl group. The winners are Hyebin, Yeonwoo, Jane, Nayun JooE, Ahin, and Nancy. Unfortunately, Daisy, Heejae, and Shin Sia didn’t make it. They are the eliminated contestants.

The trainees got severe criticism throughout their program, not only from their judges, but also from the public eye. Fans of “Sixteen” (Twice’s survival program) were angry by Finding Momoland’s similarities just “occurred” to share with the show.

Nearly the same premises followed the shows, with eerily comparable difficulties. While the program’s criticism should have been aimed at the company, instead, netizens took out their frustration at Finding Momoland’s participants.

Contestants’ appearances (especially JooE, Daisy, and Shin Sia) were bashed harshly. Netizens claimed that Finding Momoland had no trainees that deserved to debut.

The contestants’ final mission was to gather 3,000 audience members for their finale concert. Unfortunately, they failed to gather enough spectators, thus delaying their debut.

Debut “Nancy and Friends”

On November 9, 2016, Momoland made their debut with “Welcome to Momoland”, which was made possible thanks to crowdfunding. The album’s title track was Jjan Koong Kwang. Their debut went relatively unnoticed, and a good amount of the attention it did get was negative. Nancy, who is the most popular member got the most screen time in their Music Video. Netizens didn’t like the MV and even called it Nancy and Friends.

Wonderful Love “Dab Dab Land”

In order to strengthen Momoland as a group, their management added 2 members, Daisy and Taeha. Daisy was set to be the new main rapper and Taeha as the new main vocalist. Daisy and Taeha debuted with Momoland’s first comeback, “Wonderful Love”. It was a digital single.

The concept was majorly cute but included an immense amount of dabbing in the choreography. This created a lot of buzz for Momoland, and while some people disliked it, the choice gained them some fans.

Momoland later promoted the EDM remix of Wonderful Love, which featured a crazy dance break and generated a lot of buzz for the group. This was the first time JooE appeared as the center. The dance went viral, and even got the attention of well-known celebrities and idols.

Noteworthy MC/Host/Comedian, Kim Young-chul took note of Momoland’s outlandish charms and performed Ring Ring, his collaboration song with Hong Jinyoung, alongside with Momoland numerous times. The group was even invited to dance with him on an episode of JTBC’s Knowing Bros. watch below


Freeze “They are using Jae Hwan”

On August 22, 2017, Momoland made a comeback with their 2nd mini album “Freeze”. The title track was Freeze which contains the original Momoland cute concept. The b-sides were amazing. Generally, the whole album was good. Although freeze didn’t do so well, it clearly shows that Momoland is slowly gaining fans and attention compared to their previous releases.

The Freeze Music Video featured Kim Jae Hwan, a South Korean singer, best known for finishing fourth in Produce 101 (season 2). He is a former member and main vocalist of South Korean boy group Wanna One. Momoland was criticized again by the netizens. They said that Momoland is just using Jae Hwan’s popularity to gain attention.  (Looks like those netizens forgot that JooE had to sacrifice her image in order for their group to gain some attention)

JooE’s eccentricity drew the attention of Yoo Jae-suk, another well known MC/Host/Comedian. He met with her personally and landed her a commercial deal with Tropicana & appearances on variety shows.

JooE’s Tropicana Sparkling Ad went more viral than anything else Kpop-related ever has. JooE quickly became known as the “Tropicana Sparkling Girl” and even ranked as the #1 female idol in brand deals.

Bboom Bboom “Plagiarism Queens”

On December 2017, it was confirmed that Momoland will make a comeback on January 3, 2018.  Momoland’s 3rd mini album “Great” with Bboom Bboom as the title track. Bboom Bboom’s teasers spoofed the commercial, with members Hyebin, Jane, Jooe, and Daisy recreating the Tropicana Ad. This, along with Momoland’s sudden concept change, made Bboom Bboom a highly anticipated comeback. Bboom Bboom quickly jumped to the top of the charts and stayed there for months. The comeback garnered Momoland their first win, along with seven more. Finally, Momoland got the recognition they deserve.

Despite Momoland’s success with Bboom BBoom, the girls still weren’t able to escape the criticism from the netizens. This time, they are accused of plagiarising the song Mi Mi Mi by Serebro. (Momoland doesn’t even have the control to the music they’re gonna release, it is their composers and producers but still, they got the blame) In response to the plagiarism accusations, a representative from Shinsadong Tiger and Beomi Nangi’s (producers of Bboom Bboom) side stated, “The intro portion of the song can sound familiar due to the similarities in genre and guitar riffs, but the melody and chord progression are completely different. “It seems that the misunderstanding arose from the fact that the bass line and 4-measure chord progression [used in the song] are common characteristics of the retro house and swing electronic genre,” they explained.

Baam “Bboom BBoom 2.0”

In order to maintain the popularity they gain from their previous song, Momoland made a comeback with their 4th mini album “Fun to the World”. The title track of the album was Baam. Baam’s song structure was similar to BBoom Bboom. Due to this similarity, netizens made criticisms to Momoland again. They said that nothing is new with Baam. The song was just a rip off of Bboom Bboom, Baam and Bboom Bboom sounds the same, hence, they called it Bboom Bboom part 2. They made fun of it and said that Momoland is just a one hit wonder.

The song did well not just in Korean Music Charts but also internationally. It became their 2nd MV to reach 100 million youtube views. Despite doing well, Momoland wasn’t able to take a music show win due to it was released almost the same time between the release of bigger Korean groups.

These Girls Don’t Deserve The Hate

In an interview of Momoland by the Youtuber 영알남YAN, they are questioned on what do they think about bad comments. Ahin answered that it’s fine when she finds bad comments. She doesn’t care if they judged her appearance, but some people make stories about her and that makes her sad. (watch the whole interview) This is happening not only to Ahin, but to the entire memers of Momoland. Suddenly Momoland became famous, but they became one of the most hated K-pop group as well. Why? Using false photos and video clips to make them look bad because of these individuals making up stories. People who see these false images and video clips immediately jump to the hate train of Momoland without doing their own studies. (If they only know how to do research, they’ll find out that there’s a free Momoland ticket that takes you to a beautiful location complete of happiness and healing music.)

I Will Do My Best To Be Successful

Even before they’re just about to get started, Momoland still had a lot of criticism until now. But this will not prevent them from attaining their ultimate objective of becoming “Worldwide Superstars.”

So, right now, if you think of quitting or not pursuing your dreams just because no one believes in you or people are criticizing you. Remember, Momoland is being criticized almost in their every move. Remember what Yeonwoo said in a BZNT interview –
Question: How did you feel when you’ve read mean tweets for the first time?
Yeonwoo: “I think even at a young age if anyone tries to get on my nerve, I was always resistant to anything like that. This worked it out well for me I think, mean tweets gives me motif to be strong mentally. Can’t remember whether if it was a debut or after, someone tweeted they won’t stand a chance. I’ve decided no matter what happens, I will do my best to be the interview below

Momoland teaches us not to readily give up. Encourage us to make our dreams function harder. So why shouldn’t you pursue them? Let’s give the universe what we have and create it a reality for our dreams.

Let’s get the bread!


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