Get Well Soon Nayun

On May 14, a source from MLD Entertainment said, “Nayun returned to Korea in the middle of Momoland’s Japanese promotions due to nose infection.”

Nayun will temporarily take a break From Momoland’s activities in Japan.

She will be treated in Korea.

Depending on her recovery, she may return to promote with the group in Japan.

Momoland released the Japanese version of their track “I’m So Hot” on May 8. They started promoting in Japan on May 10. Momoland topped Japan’s daily singles Oricon chart with I’m So Hot Japanese version.

Get well soon Nayun. We will pray for your fast recovery.


Meanwhile, Nayun’s upcoming V-live romantic drama where she takes the lead role will premiere this month. Another showcasing of talent from one of the underrated visual of Momoland. Be sure to support her and check it out!

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