Happy Taeha Day

Happy Birthday Kim Taeha!

Today, we celebrate the 21st Birthday(22nd in Korean) of Momoland’s main vocalist, Taeha,

Taeha was born on June 3, 1998. Her birth name was Kim Minji but legally changed it to Kim Taeha.

Taeha is a cousin of Junsu(a South Korean singer-songwriter, dancer, and stage actor. He is a member of the Korean pop group JYJ, and was one of the original members of boy band TVXQ.) In Taeha’s blood, runs the blood of legends.

But Taeha is a legend on her own way. Taeha is a former Starship trainee. She trained for 5 years and 4 months (prior to her appearance in Produce 101 Season 1). She was added to Momoland on April 2017.

Taeha sings the Cross OST. part 5 – I Need You And I Want You along with Ahin.

Taeha also sings the Tempted OST – Hug me along wit Ahin, JooE and Nancy.

Taeha also made a collaboration with Rapper Asol in her single album “Nothing”.


With her cuteness and amazing vocals, Taeha can wreck your bias list anytime.

Taeha wasn’t able to join Momoland’s 5th mini album promotions. But, according to their management(MLD Entertainment), she will back on their next album.

Once again, Happy Birthday to the cutest main vocalist of Momoland. The Merry-Go-Round family miss you so much. We love you so much!

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