Momoland open up about moving out of their dorms and living on their own in ‘Singles’

The girls of Momoland took on an elegant, yet bright and vibrant theme for a pictorial featured in the February edition of ‘Singles‘!

While the members pulled off more mature, moody poses and expressions in their solo cuts, grouped together in pairs they opted for more playful or eccentric interactions. During their interview which followed the photoshoot, the Momoland girls honestly opened up about moving out of their dorms and living on their own. Nancy said, “Living in the dorm with the members allowed me to look at the world with a wider lens, and my ways of thinking also deepened.” Jane also revealed, “I think having encountered a lot of people in this career and living with the members in the dorm was my way of learning social skills, and it also filled the empty parts of me. Now that we are living alone, it gets very lonely and I miss the members.”

Momoland Visual?

Hyebin also added, “Especially when we get together and start talking about our days in the dorm, I get really nostalgic. Living alone means having space to yourself and so it is more comfortable, but it was much more fun living in the dorm.”

Finally, the ladies shared that they hoped to return with a bright and refreshing summer season song for their next comeback. Check out some of Momoland’s ‘Singles’ previews below!

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