MOMOLAND Successfully Completed “Joy Angel Concert”, Proceeds Will Be Donated To Those Suffering From COVID-19

MOMOLAND has successfully completed the Joy Angel Concert.

Momoland met fans as the first performer at the Joy Angel Concert, which was held in the form of no-contact (non-face-to-face) performance on Naver V Live on the afternoon of the 25th. Even before the performance began, Momoland met fans from all over the world on a live broadcast and said, “I’m nervous to perform for my fans after a long time.”

Momoland opened the show with ‘Pinky Love.’ “Pinky Love” was included in the Japanese album “JAPAN 1st ALBUM” released last year, and was included in the Korean version of “Starry Night,” released in Korea in June this year, and the first Korean version of the song was unveiled for the first time on the day, giving gifts to fans.

Momoland held various events only for fans who had not been seen on other stages, giving fans special enjoyment.

In the game “Tikitaka,” MOMOLAND gave off a silly and cute charm. The members’ creative expression and reasoning followed through missions in which the members expressed and guessed some of Momoland’s hit songs with their bodies. Momoland gave off an extraordinary “excitement” by dancing on the spot and reaffirmed the members’ teamwork. “Two-way communication” with fans continued. At the beginning of the concert, they prepared various stage costumes that were not normally seen, including the sparkling costumes of trot singers, Harry Potter costumes, and animal pajamas, and promised to wear costumes chosen by fans.

MOMOLAND boosted the mood for the performance with mega-hit songs “Thumbs Up” and “Bboom Bboom.” Momoland’s unique bright and energetic stage gave fans who were tired of the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) a thrill and healing experience.

As the last song “Baam” flowed, the screen showed fans from all over the world who had sent enthusiastic support to Momoland. Momoland said, “I was happy to show you a new stage that I haven’t shown you before. I was excited and nervous while preparing, but it was a fun time. We will be back with a new album soon, so please wait for us.”

The Joy Angel Concert is a social contribution project launched by Joy News 24, the nation’s top entertainment business magazine, in the wake of the Corona 19 incident, and will be held as a no-contact concert. Part of the proceeds will be donated to those suffering from COVID-19.

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