Momoland to collaborate with CHROMANCE to reinvent “Wrap Me In Plastic” the popular song from Tik Tok

Momoland will be reinterpreting the popular TikTok song “Wrap Me In Plastic.”

According to Sony Music Entertainment Korea on the 29th, Momoland will release a reconstructed version of ‘Wrap Me in Plastic’ in collaboration with producer CHROMANCE at 6 PM KST on February 5th.

“Wrap Me In Plastic” is a song by Germany’s EDM (Electronic Dance Music) producer, CHROMANCE, and has gained popularity on various SNS such as TikTok.

“Wrap Me In Plastic” song has been used in various Tik Tok videos in which pop stars Jason DeruloAva Max, and TikTokker Charlie D’Aelio have danced to the song. It has also already 45 million streams on Spotify.

Through a collaboration with CHROMANCE, Momoland will reinvent “Wrap Me in Plastic” into a unique tone and sing some of the lyrics in Korean.

Momoland also has a history of producing the mega-hit song “Bboom Bboom” through social media.

Sony Music Entertainment Korea said, “Momoland was also aware of the ‘Rap Me in Plastic’ craze by communicating with overseas fans. The girl group was finally able to meet with CHROMANCE, who was interested in Momoland’s charm and K-pop’s ripple effect.

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