MOMOLAND’s JooE Talks About Being A Fan Of “The Penthouse,” Christmas Gifts With Members, And More

Hong Kyung Min and MOMOLAND’s JooE appeared on the December 27 episode of the SBS Power FM radio show “Cultwo Show.”

At the start of the show, Hong Kyung Min said that his children were fans of MOMOLAND, and JooE thanked him and recorded a special message for his two daughters.

Asked about what she’d been up to lately, JooE said, “We’re wrapping up promotions for our most recent album. I think that this show will be my last appearance in 2020. It’s an honor to be here. I’m also obsessed with ‘The Penthouse.’ I’ve been watching every episode and trying to figure out who is the worst villain.”

When it was suggested that JooE could have been in the drama as one of the daughters, she said, “I would love that. Please cast me! I want to try playing Bae Ro Na, Eugene’s daughter. If I was cast, I would work hard and do a good job.”

JooE also talked about MOMOLAND’s Christmas gifts to each other last year. JooE said, “Nancy gave us rice cakes that she got from church. I spent my own money on gifts, but Nancy gave us rice cakes. But it tasted good.” She added, “We exchange gifts in a ‘Secret Santa’ style, so we’ve decided to do that again this year.” (This episode was pre-recorded on December 24.)

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