MOMOLAND’s Nayun Cast In Police-Themed Web Drama

MOMOLAND’s Nayun has been cast in a new web drama!

On July 8, MLD Entertainment stated, “Nayun has been cast as the lead in the National Police Agency’s web drama ‘The Police.’ She is currently in the middle of filming.”

Nayun has been cast in the role of Seo Ah Jin, a university student who has everything from good looks to good grades. Her intelligence and a keen sense of justice also make her a key assistant in the police’s cyber investigation unit.

“The Police” (literal title) is a web drama about the personal growth of a cyber investigation team as it engages in fierce conflict with a cyber-criminal.

Nayun had previously played the female lead, Cha Sae Yi, in the Naver V original web drama “Anniversary Anyway.”

“The Police” will air sometime in the second half of this year via the National Police Agency’s YouTube channel.

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