Nancy Q&A On V Live

momoland nancy

Momoland Nancy just did a Q&A on V live today. Nancy looks happier. She gets prettier and prettier every day. Some are very lucky to have their questions answered by Nancy.

Here are some of the questions below:

“Question: Are you excited to go back to L.A.?
Nancy: Of course. I love L.A. I  love States. My homie.”


V Live


“Question: Have you slept in a bunk bed before?
Nancy: Yes. I sleep in a bunk bed right now.”


Momoland Nancy
V Live


“Question: How do you handle negative comments?
Nancy: I don’t read them. If I do, I just try to forget it.”


Watch Nancy’s full V Live replay. click here (don’t forget to spam the hearts)

Generally, Nancy’s V Live was entertaining. It was pleasant that we want more.


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