Psy revealed to have participated as songwriter for Momoland’s November comeback single

Momoland’s comeback will be a very special single!

According to the group’s agency MLD Entertainment, their new single, which is scheduled for release sometime next month, was written by none other than Psy. The single will be a special treat for fans as the group commemorates their four-year anniversary, which is on November 10.

Psy has stated that the collaboration is due in part to Momoland’s exciting trademark sound, which he considers a good match to his own. “After listening to the demo, the song was so good that I was happy to participate in writing the lyrics,” he added.

“Psy’s participation in writing lyrics has made Momoland’s new song more unique and more complete,” a source from the agency stated. “We expect it to be a global hit like previous hits ‘BBOOM BBOOM’ and ‘BAAM’.”

Stay tuned for more news about this exciting November comeback!

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