Vlogger Jane (Youtube and DaumCafe Update)

A new video was uploaded in MLD’s official youtube channel. It was a video of no other than the very pretty and talented Jane. In this video, Jane is doing a vlog in Jeju Island. We can see her eating, running, smiling, and enjoying a mini-vacation.

This is not a vacation though, this is part of her work.

Watch Jane’s awesome vlog below.

A minute after her J-log was uploaded in Youtube, Jane made a post in Momoland’s DaumCafe. She said that there will a next vlog of her together with Nancy.

We should watch out for it.

She also uploaded pretty pictures of her in Jeju. see Jane’s DaumCafe post here (you must be a leveled up DaumCafe member to be able to view the post)

With her contagious smile. Jane just completed the day with her update.

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