Yeonwoo For A New Acting Role

momoland yeonwoo

momoland yeonwoo
Momoland Yeonwoo

Momoland Yeonwoo who previously take her first acting role in MBC’s drama “Tempted”, will take a new acting role in KBS2. In Tempted, Yeonwoo played the role of Kwon Yeo Min, the older cousin of Kwon Si Hyun (Woo Do Hwan). Yeo Min has an affectionate and mature personality. She is the only person in their family Si Hyun trusts and follows.

Yeonwoo will take her new acting role in KBS2 upcoming drama, “조선로코-녹두전” (‘Joseon Romantic-Comedy: Tale of Nok-Du’). She will play the role of Mae Hwa-soo, a close friend of the lead character. Mae Hwa-soo is the best kisaeng in the drama, with natural speech, dancing and singing skills that appeal to people.

The drama tells the romance between a man who disguises as a woman to infiltrate a community for windows and a girl that hates the idea of becoming a kisaeng. The drama is set to air in September.


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